you can put the city in the country kid

but you can’t take the country out.

today i went to my artsy fartsy farm boy friend’s house for dinner. his mom made us a stellar stir fry then asked if we would take the dog for a walk and do some stuff on the farm.  so we went and pet the goats, checked on the horses and then we let the chickens out.  this one chicken had a love affair with my camera and came pecking at me.  then i held the chicken.  then it was hiking time.  we took the dog on a walk in between the corn, alfalfa and soy bean fields and through the woods.  we chased a deer and i screamed at every hole in case it was a snake.  we trekked through a cow pasture and around the wheat field and back up to the house to walk the goat and chase the chickens.

yep.  i’m still country.  i climb fences too.


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