The Bud.  his name is really viper, my brother named him when we got him.  when i was 6, my parents got each of us a cat because getting 3 kids their own dog was slightly a lot a bit out of the question.  so we got emily (mine-give me a break, i was 6), viper aka the bud (brosef’s) and houdini (biological sisterface).  sweet emily died a little bit ago and now the bud.

the bud was a content old man.  he loved to lay outside and as he got older, he became a cuddler.  he’s my dad’s favorite and used to only sit on my dad.  then he started to claim my lap as his territory.  he’d greet me in the morning, rubbing against my leg.  i thought it was because he’s a loveable cat, but more likely he wanted to go outside or be fed wet food.  he took forever to lay down and would glare at you if you got up and moved him off your lap.  he’d immediately try to get back on as you were standing.  he was a good friend.  16 years still isn’t long enough.  they’re supposed to live forever.

love you.


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