Stacie Report.0

i have a new love.  tosh.0.  every time i hang out with best friend we watch the colbert report (she and mike record them for me) and now we watch tosh.0

ellen, stephen and tosh.  my idols.  my heros.  the combination of which i aspire to become.

ellen.  my first idol.  i want to be the straight ellen.  i’m cool with the fact that she bats for the other team, but i’m going to stick with liking men, no matter how stupid they are.  she finds humor in every day things.  she goes off what you say and then she just goes and goes and goes.  talented.  hilarious.  clean, for the most part. 

stephen.  my political satirist idol.  he makes fun of both sides, which makes life easier.  i may side with the repubs most of the time, but i can see the demo side as well.  he plays hardball with both and leaves you out to dry with wit and a smile.  jon stewart is good as well, but stephen wins me over.

tosh.  daniel tosh.  video satirist and everyday comedian.  he has a mix of ellen with a new age deal, hence the .0  he’s funny, he’s realistic,he’s half clean, half crude (but in a good way crude) and keeps me laughing the whole time.  he’s a nerd that makes fun of even bigger nerds.  hero. 

3 comedians. 3 styles.  3 different lives.  and i aspire to have pieces of each in order to be molded like clay in a potter’s hand into something hilarious and spectacular. 

and i’d have to do it on skype because standing in front of that many people and trying to get them to laugh makes me pee a little.


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