love that baby

it’s official, i am a completely different person when i’m with my niece.  on a given day, i’m never relaxed, constantly thinking, possibly grinding or clenching my teeth and about four words away from losing my temper.  i’m not an angry person, entirely, but if you know me, you know what i mean.  but when i’m hanging out with a 10 month old baby nicknamed Gator, all of that is gone.  i knew she changed me when she was born because i didn’t freak out about her spit up all over me, but now, now it’s even better. 

i’ll roll on the floor with her and be completely carefree.  gator picked my nose today and climbed on me and touched the part of my knee where i will immediately flinch and withdraw from you if you touch it.  i played in her baby pool, cuddled with her because she had a fever, read to her and bounced her on my leg. 

i thought i’d never find peace in a person except God, but thanks to God, i’ve found peace in abigator.

plus she’s just so freaking adorable.


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