garden update

i am a lover of the rain, everyone knows this.  but when i want to plant my flipping garden, it needs to stop raining.  i was talking to katie one day and told her to hold on while i ran out to test to see if i could plant.  yep, i sunk 3 inches into mud…not that day.  the next day was humid, but i felt there could be a chance.  SUCCESS!  this is what’s in my garden:
* 1 row of garden beans (no idea, but they were in the oscar the grouch package)
* 1 row of spinach
* 1 row of lettuce (which is already coming up!)
* 2 rows of carrots (obsession)
* 1 row of red and green bell peppers
* 1 row of a ton of mixed squash and zucchini plants
* 1 row of cucumbers
* dad’s tomato plants (i had no choice, though i did want to protest, but he does things for me)
* 1.5 rows of white pumpkins
* 2 watermelon plants
* various amounts of daisies, 4 o’clocks, hollyhocks and poppies

i’m excited!  and i found this white egg and a robin’s egg broken open.  hatchlings!


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