swagger of a nerd

i am quite proud of my nerdery because i’m a cool nerd (yeah yeah, let me have an ego for this post).  i can riddle off useless facts and 9 times out of ten name the song that’s playing on the radio station.  except 99.5, cause they all sound like the same exact person.  my best friend gets jealous and mad at me because we were at a pub the other night for her boyfriend’s birthday and i could name every song that came on.

anyway, i was very aware of my nerdery this morning.  i was texting yoda since she finally got to graduate yesterday from SU (after hers was postponed due to blizzard one in december) and of course, she went to celebrate.  i asked how she was doing and she said she just woke up, felt like she got hit by a bus and there was tomato sauce on the floor.  i laughed and said i’ve been up for an hour and planted some seeds in my garden.  WHOA.  NERD.  yes, yes i am.

every group of friends needs a nerd and yoda loves me for my nerdery, as do my best friends.  they’ve got the swagger of a recently graduated college kid and i’ve got the swagger of a nerd.


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