never underestimate me

i’m young.  i know this.  but i’m smart.  i pick up on things.  i’m not stupid.  i get how the world works.  i’m an old soul.  i have people who give me advice who are older and have seen things.  my father is one of the smartest men i know.  so when someone who is a huge hypocrite and tells me that i’m so young that i don’t know how anything in the world works, i would like to smack him.  i’m not stupid.  i’m wise beyond my years and that comes from other people telling me that.  if i promise something, i do whatever it takes to uphold my promise.  i don’t try to change the subject to politics to get two interns to fight back and forget about the important discussion they were having.  i scratch your back, you scratch mine.  i find it absolutely hilarious and dispicable that we pay people almost 100k to hand off responsibilities to unpaid interns who just graduated from college.  yes people, that’s what you pay for.  and i find it even more funny when the interns do a better job.

don’t underestimate anyone.  don’t underestimate me.  you want to play a game, i’ll play a game.  i can play hardball with the big boys. 

game on.


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