intense randomness today

this is just going to be a list with a little bit of explanations…like an anotated bibliography, but with randomness instead of citing.

1)  what is the purpose of “Baby you the whole package, plus you pay your taxes” in the song Nothin’ on You Babe by B.O.B?  does that make sense to anyone?  there are some insanely stupid lines in music, but this one is currently the top runner.  it’s also late and i can’t really think of many right now.

2) squash.  just….squash.

3) my plants are GROWING!  i haven’t killed anything yet!  woot!  and i find that i am at peace when planting.

4) it is quite possible that i will be diagnosed with ADD in the next week or so.  that explains a lot.

5) i can understand taking the driving test a few times to pass, but 960 times?  read here

6) i’m really into old musicals right now and classic movies

7) the loblollies are going on a pacific northwest vacation!  woot!

8) job interview and question answering for a possible interview

9) yoda and i have leverage.  never leave interns in control and never let them do a job so well that no one else can do because that gives them more power to get what they want.  HA


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