WHOA…that was…awesome

today i was in the garden center at lowes dealing with people who buy oodles of flowers and hand me things without a barcode.  okay, let’s review once more.  scanner = used to scan things.  product = has a BARCODE.  scanner scans product’s barcode = it appears on the screen and our inventory is updated.  if i scan the green colored paint on your little hoodgiemasucker tool, what it is will not pop up on the screen.  also, the price means nothing to me.  i can’t just “type it in” like you think unless i’m typing in a BARCODE number or an item number.  review is over; back to the point.

it was a hot and humid day.  i’m talking super hot and humid.  i drank 66 ounces of water and peed twice.  if that.  i had rung up a customer and then saw another one walking briskly out of the garden gate and she set off the alarm.  she had a pink rubbermaid style tub and she just kept trucking, which is odd.  so head cashier lady went after her and asked to see the receipt.  the lady flashed an old crinkled one, which i immediately knew was fake.  dude.  be smart if you’re trying to steal.  you just bought it, use a new receipt.  anyway, head cashier lady was not to be fooled and told the woman she needed to read over it and started to grab the tub.  the lady ended up letting go and booked it across the parking lot.  i stood in awe, as did the other cashiers.  we were told this could and does happen, but i never thought i’d see it.  it was FANTASTIC. 

i told younger one this story and she was like, wow.  until i said it was fantastic, then she just laughed.  i mean really, i watched a crime unfold.  i was thinking and might have audibly said “holy s#!%.”  as i told younger one my story, i also told her that i was totally smiling at today’s event. and bobbing my head in awesomeness.

the end.


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