there are no words

when i say i’m a “fanatical” hockey and football fan, i really mean fanatical.  hockey and football scores pretty much control my emotional well-being.  sometimes i truly believe they can hear me if i yell at the tv.  if they’re on a win streak, i wear the same thing every game.  DISCLAIMER: i am fully aware that my reactions and actions to hockey and football are weird and unwarranted because i really have no mystical connection with my teams that inadvertently controls their playing and the score.  i do know that, but i am still a fanatical fan.  thank you.  BACK TO THE POINT: my teams mean the world to me.  they really do.  i have to watch or listen to them.  i will only focus on the game at that time.  the point of this note is because tonight my beloved washington capitals lost 2-1 in game 7 after having the most astounding season i can remember.  they were the winningest team in all of the nhl this year.  i stood in front of the big screen, kicking my dad to his and my mom’s room, and paced, gripped my shirt, kneeled on the floor and couldn’t figure out if i needed to puke from the anxiety.  my hockey team means a lot to me because it’s what my physical therapist and i bonded on when i first got treated and as i continued to go to PT for my leg, we made a point to chat about it.  and even though someone else will win lord stanley’s cup this year, i still have the best freaking team in the nhl.

brooks laich = love
ps- it’s my creation


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