family time = hilarious

this past weekend my sister sarah (the non biological one) and her husband matt flew in from san diego for gator’s christening.   shannon and roy (gator’s parents), sarah and matt, my brother mark and i were all in the same house hanging out with abigail and my parents.  it was at that time i realized that gator has us to look up to and i laughed out loud.  all of us were watching ninja warriors and then sarah made me do push ups with her and then sarah and shannon played a game on the ipad and gator wanted to play too.  at one point i was walking on mark and matt’s backs to crack them and then got held to the ground by matt so mark could tickle me.  all of us played with abby’s blocks to see who could make the highest tower; matt won and then juggled.  abby just knocked all of them over.  when it was time to leave, i accidentally stepped on shannon’s foot and told her she could step on mine to feel better.  she said it wouldn’t, so i offered to let her give me a wet willy.  so she AND matt gave me a wet willy in each ear.  this is who abigail has to look up to. 

gator and i also had special cuddle time together.  sarah and shannon were walking kaos, roy was out, matt and i had just finished wii mario kart (i kicked his butt) and so i layed down to watch discovery with matt.  mom plopped abigail next to me on the floor as i was starting to sleep.  i looked over into her big eyes and she goes “GA GA GA GA.” i picked her up and cuddled up with her.  she played with my teeth cause she’s getting toofers now and then she learned to share.  she stared at me and shared her passy with me.  it was some of the best quality time of the weekend.

anyway.  i love my family.  i love my siblings because we still act like children when given toys. my parents shake their heads and abigail has awesome role models now.

abby wanted to play too!  she tried to climb over shannon to get to the ipad.  i swear her first word will be google.

aunt sarah/abby’s godmother.  matt’s a little worried now because sarah’s getting used to the kid thing….

whoa mom, uncle mark is big!  and he’s got whiskers!


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