rest in peace sweet emily

i am a dog person, but when your parents have 3 biological children at home (my fake sister sarah has her own parents and own house, she’s just family to me) there’s no way they’re getting each child a dog.  we already had a family dog and a family cat when i was six, so my parents decided to get us each a kitten.  i got a slim black cat with an adorable face.  and she lived for 16 years.  though a pest, i already miss her.  losing a pet sucks.  because i still wake up wishing she was there being a pest and pacing so se could get my milk after i finished my cereal.  she was a needy little girl.  once you started petting her, she would push into your hand to keep petting her.  she never sat still, like me.  it would take her a half hour to finally lie down to sleep.  and she slept in the oddest ways.  head hanging off the side of a couch, head pressed into the couch, feet sticking up.  but i love her.  and i miss her.  16 years still wasn’t long enough.


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