my favorite times of year

i have favorite days and favorite times of the year.  here’s a list of them

1) NFL Draft day
2) Christmas
3) Hanukkah
4) Football Season
5) Hockey Season
6) Hockey Playoffs
7) Football Playoffs
8) Halloween
9) The Fall Season and the time leading up to Christmas
10) The day the red/holiday cups appear at Starbucks
11) The entire month of October
12) Easter (way to go Jesus.  you show them that resurrection…ps, my name means resurrection)
13) Superbowl

as you can tell, i really could give a crap about spring and summer…the only good things are Easter and the NFL draft.


4 thoughts on “my favorite times of year

  1. nfl comes before christmas??? haha

  2. hahaha i also agree about the red starbucks cups. amazing

  3. i was watching the draft, that's why it's written first.

  4. Melissa Joy says:

    I'm pretty sure that the red cups at starbucks is my favorite. i decided that i would not listen to christmas music until the red cups came out. its worked pretty well in my favor!

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