i’m a smart aleck

today i drove, first to starbucks, then to annapolis to meet with lawyer one, mandeep.  i get down there and tell the receptionist that i’m here to see him.  she calls his office and tells him i’m here.  okay, no lie, there’s about 15 feet from her desk and his door.  just yell at him.  he was finishing printing something, so i started texting yoda because we talk about the council when we’re not there.  i ended up laughing at something she said and was still laughing when i was texting her back.  mandeep walks from the printer to look at me and goes:”are you seriously laughing at your own text?”i glare at him, like normal i said: “they’re leaving two interns in charge of a public affairs office.””are you one of the two interns?”i laughed.  then mandeep asks me when i’m going to get a real job.  i glare at him again and say, “well, if moco could stop spending as much money as they do, i’d have a job.”  he gave me the touche nod.

mandeep said he lost a lot of sleep on my case.  i gave him a “seriously?”  look. i said: “dude, i didn’t sleep for 2 weeks nor did i eat for 2 weeks before the trial. you’re a lawyer. you do this for a living. suck it up.”  this was one of those moments where someone looks at you like he wants to slap you upside the head.  i really think he wants to do that a lot.

i signed the paper and he handed me the envelope and i went, “that’s it?” and he said yeah and i go, “well that was severely anti-climatic”
he laughed and goes, “how many 22 year olds do you know that have been handed a check for X amount?” i went “mary-kate and ashley olson, justin beiber, miley what’s her face”

this was another moment of him looking at me like he wanted to slap me upside the head and i smirked cause i’m a smart ass

so he corrected himself and went, “how many AVERAGE 22 year olds do you know that have been handed a check for X amount?”

don’t get me wrong, i adore this man.  he’s worked hard for 4 years on my case and normally lawyers are blood suckers, but he sincerely cared about what would happen to me.  we’ve become “friends” i guess.  well, i am programmed in his phone and vice versa.  but this is what happens when you drive for an hour for a 10 minute thing.  i told him i’m going to charge him for gas.

we’re going to dinner with lawyer 2 (larry) and my parental units soon.  that should be hilarious.  i wonder how many times he’s going to want to slap me and i’m going to glare.


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