random people and random conversations

today i went to starbucks on my lunch break to use my free gift card (moco council totally didn’t go cheap on me.  they gave me $10 instead of $5).  i asked a lady if she minded if i sat in the chair across from her and she said no.  i was wearing a sweatshirt and she asked if it had gotten cold outside.  i said no, it’s just cold in my spot at lowes, which led her to ask why i work there.  i said college grad in a crap economy.  and then we talked.  not weird talk like the foot-blood type lady, but talked about life, the gov’t and the economy and how celebs like john travolta should just shut up.  she brought up john travolta’s travel to haiti after the quake and how he brought supplies, but then handed out scientology pamphlets.  i said tom cruise claims he’s the only person that can help someone on the scene of a car accident.  for 45 minutes we talked.  it was one of the best conversations with a stranger i’ve ever had.

also, last night i was writing, but started to procrastinate and get distracted, so i got on craigslist.  for the first time i noticed the personal ads, so i clicked on a category and got this:http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/m4w/1700450519.html

HOLY CRAP!  “hey, i’m married but want an affair…wanna have a go?”  SERIOUSLY.  and then this one: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/m4w/1700469964.html    WEIRD. 

if you get bored, just look at them.  it’s insanely funny that people actually post personals.  and creepy.  but more creepy than funny for me because i’m not actually going to act on it.

oh, and i send these things to my dear friend katie because i know she’ll laugh or yell ew.  i laugh when she yells ew.


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