canadien hockey fans aren’t that smart

it’s game 3 of round one of the play-offs and the caps are playing the montreal canadiens.  so far the series is 1-1.  the caps win came after a very lousy first and second periods and a “so intense i don’t know whether to cry, poop, pee, puke or scream” third period.  it was 5-5 at the end of the third and they went into over time.  i was so tense.  i was at jeff’s house and everyone else was talking and i didn’t move an inch.  in 31 seconds the caps scored and won it 6-5.  thank the Lord. 

now we’re in canada.  and let me tell you, canadien hockey fans are not smart.  they’re loud, can quickly go between a cheer and a boo and have a good team, but they’re dumb.  why are they dumb you ask?  no, it’s not because i’m a die-hard, you cannot tell me any other team is better even when i’m losing i worship the ice they skate on and i’ll cry happy tears in wins and anger tears in losses capitals fan.  it’s because the canadien fans (habs) started singing “Ole, Ole, Ole.”  at a hockey game. in canada.  a HOCKEY GAME.  i’m sorry, but when did “ole ole ole” become applicable to hockey? no no, it’s a soccer song. football (england), futbol, fussbal, futebol.  they sing it at the world cup, mls games, supposedly real soccer league games too, not hockey.

dear habs fans,
you say you’re the creators of hockey.  why are you singing a soccer song?  it makes you like inept.
oh, but i’m okay with this.  i just thought i should point out your stupidity.
stacie with an i.e.


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