i am so bad at…

Fantasy Soccer.  Yes, I am a fantasier.  Anthony Durski g-chatted me one day and told me I should play in his leauge.  Then he stuck his fiance, Katie on me because Katie and I g-chat almost everyday all day…and no, that’s not sad.  So, alas, I agreed to get sucked into the world of creating a roster, selecting a coach, selecting my starters and preparing each week while studying stats.  I’m halfway sucked in, but I’m so bad at this.  I mean, really bad.  The first week I had negative points.  NEGATIVE.  That’s actually freaking possible!  I went from the middle of the group to last place.  Therefore, I gave Katie my username and password to my team so she could tell me what I was doing wrong and make some changes.  This is not cheating, this is called “using your resources.”  Even Anthony helps me out; I guess it’s a pity thing for the lonely team in last with negative points.

So, we’ll see how well I do this MLS season….


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