i’ve got the green thumb

well, figuratively.  my dad is the garden man.  you wouldn’t think it because, and jeff is quoted for saying this, my dad is a rugged, outdoorsy, all-american guy.  you wouldn’t think he’d stop to admire the shape and color of a tulip, well, rhododendrons are his favorite, but you get the point.  but that’s my dad.  when we drive in the truck, i’ll point to a tree and 9 times out of 10 the man can tell me what it is.  i’ll point to something in a magazine, he can typically tell me.  with animals too.  i can do it with music.  my back yard is spectacular in the spring, despite the pollen content of the day.  we have a weeping cherry blossom tree, decorative ponds with decorative plants, trees galore, random plants i can’t tell you what they are and almost every rhododendron possible.  if you don’t know what those are, click here.

so this year i had the kids i work with plant some seeds, which my dad picked out.  then i planted the rest of the seeds while he sat next to me drinking a beer.  the other day i walked out in my pjs and asked him if we could plant veggies, to which he said, “i don’t see why not.” (typical daddy manger statement).  so i bought a jiffy pot style mini greenhouse and white pumpkin, cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, red and green peppers and oscar the grouch green beans.  yes, i did say oscar the grouch green beans.  lowes is selling sesame street seed packets.  so, of course, i bought them.  relive childhood any way possible.

i hope i got my dad’s green thumb, or at least part of it!  and i have him to help!  here’s to gardening and (maybe) harvesting my own veggies this summer!


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