my best friend is well, my other half

the other night i went to a DC United game and sat in the front row with katie and anthony and some other people.  DCU lost to the New England Rev, so I texted best friend aka other half aka wifey aka partner in crime to tell her the sad news.  she then responds to me, “well, at least you lost from the front row.”  touche best friend.  touche.

you know when someone is your best friend when they willingly open a pack of break and bake cookies and tear off the pieces without raisins to put the cookie dough back in the ice cream that you ate all of the cookie dough out of….that’s love right there.

you also know when someone is your best friend when you tell them to tell you to not eat your feelings when you had a bad day.  and they follow through with it.

i have mentioned before that my best friend and i can have 5 conversations at once.  it’s true.

my mother refers to us as trouble.  we are a unit.

she understands my train of thought and requires no flow chart, unlike 99.9% of other people.

she and i have very different interests, separate sets of friends that we hang out with regularly, but we always come back to each other.  she has her own ringtone.  i support her, she supports me.  i almost died, she almost died. 

we are connected for life.  there’s no getting rid of each other.  and her boyfriend and my future boyfriend will have to accept that fact.


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