rolling of the eyes

rolling your eyes takes muscle control. i do believe that the muscles that allow me to eye roll are super strong and advanced because of the amount of times i actually do it.

let us disect me a little to understand the need for massive amounts of eye rolls.
1) i am an old soul. i hate petty gossip and high school like attitudes because it gets people no where. i feel that backstabbing and going behind people’s backs is ridiculous and childish because all it does is hurt and you do not better yourself because of it. i feel like i’ve had a lot of life lessons before the ripe old age of 22.75 and i’ve learned from them and do not wish to return to immaturity.
2) people are just stupid sometimes
3) i do have a word vomit problem, but i tell the truth bluntly

now on to why my eye rolling muscles are strong:
1) the employees at lowes are averaging in their 40s and have not grown up yet. it’s all about favoritism and no one can have special treatment except for a select few and God forbid you bring it up. one of the people went “you just wish you were at this status.” actually biotch, i don’t. i went to college to study journalism/PR/design and international relations.  i do not want to be a head cashier in a petty, immature world.  thank you and good bye. my eyes roll every second.
2) a person who is in a position where he needs to be politically correct because he works in PR and makes stupid, inappropriate, self rightous comments. he thinks he knows everything about everything and when me and yoda try to tell him otherwise because we are generation Y and get the internet and are intelligent and up to date with laws, he tell us we’re wrong. and then he talks our ears off for an hour about how he did this and that and how he’s always got stuff for us to do.  eye roll massive.
3) the constant drama in my mom’s department at her school. she and my other mother K-Fein get along great, get the kids and know what to do while the other two act all self rightous and say “well this is how we did it at this school.” honey, you’re not there anymore. you’re at a new school. move on. adapt and shut up. and please wear a bra.
4) old men with missing and ugly teeth with scraggly hair that can’t use proper english who flirt with me in lowes when i am required to ask for their phone number.  EW.
5) the downward slide of the english language. the word is THAT not DAT. it is YOU not U (my own lawyer does that and it drives me nuts). i don’t know what ikr and idk and w.e. and gr8t and l8r mean. spell it out. stop being lazy.

i could go on for quite a while. but i’ll leave it at that. once again, i’m an old soul. i was born in the wrong decade.


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