hanging out with 15 elementary kids on a friday night

on friday nights i go “babysit” for a small group from my church.  and i love it.  yes, i, the person who isn’t a huge fan of children, loves hanging out with these kids.  and i was told tonight by the parents that they love me, their kids love me and they brag about me in church.  cool.

last week one of my kids, the one who is slowly coming out of her shell, stopped bouncing on the trampoline to look at jet trails in the sunset.  she looks at me and goes, “stacie, they’re space ships!” i asked her really?  where are they going?  her reply, “jupiter.”

tonight, i decided we were going to play in expensive dirt, meaning miracle grow potting soil.  i let each kid plant a few seeds and they loved it.  they were fighting to get to be the first group to do it.  then one of the “littles” (meaning babies) started crying for no reason and he’s my little man.  so i was cuddling him and wiping his tears.  my helper looked at me and said i could be a mommy.  WHOA.

one of my 4 year olds lost a tooth. another one asked if we could play duck, duck goose.  all of them told me stories from school and then we watched the little mermaid.  my little girls were talking about prince eric and how ursula is scary. one of my littles climbed into my lap and used me as a lounger.  she and i like to put our heads together every now and then in an eskimo kiss. at the end of the movie when king triton grants ariel’s desire to be human, i told all my kids to run upstairs and tell their daddies that they love them.  and tell their mommies too.  each and everyone that could talk ran up and did it.

on friday nights, i hang out with elementary school kids and babies.  we learn a bit about the man called Jesus and then make a craft or play a game.  there’s laughing, me telling them to shush, joking and tickling. and i love every minute (most of the time).

i wouldn’t trade this for the world.  i’m going to brag to all the other small groups saying that i have the best kids.


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