this is why my generation is called lazy

and this is why the english language is going down the drain.  i happened to come across an article about why UGGS are bad for your feet and that they’re a fashion don’t.  i’m sorry people, i don’t give a crap if they’re a fashion don’t.  they’re warm and soft.  get over it.  back to the point.  it took my best friend, her boyfriend and i over 5 minutes to figure out what in the world this person was saying:

“well i use wear UGGS all da time den i found out dat dey meant ugly[lmao] so i stopped noe im readin dis im glad i did i dnt want ma feet b messed up! nd now i think bout it i only wore dem cuz dey was in “stlye” not cuz dey was kute! but wateva i think dey ugly now dat i stopped wearin dem”



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