why i love the younger one

younger one and i were talking about a very important event that is happening in my life tomorrow
me: i’m nervous about forgetting what to say tomorrow cause i only get one shot
younger one: dont think about forgetting. just go in, say i got this thing. and remember how strong you are. remember that you’ve made it this far. NOTHING is going to stop you… you make me so proud. you wont mess up, just stay strong šŸ™‚
me: awwww!  you’re a little yoda-in-training!
younger one: NO! i want to be c3po. cause he’s shiny.

this is why i love her.  and call her sister from another mother.

this also occurred earlier. amidst a normal conversation about things.

younger one: do you know the muffin man?
me: who lives on drury lane?
younger one: this is why i call you sister.


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