who would have thought?

the small group i teach/baby sit for has started up again, and so has the chaos.  most times, i have at least 10 kids and a few babies.  i do have help, but that helper is usually with the babies because i can handle all the bigger kids and they “listen to me.”  anyway, i laid down the law because last week they were so rowdy i didn’t know what to do.  rule 1) you will make a post card for a soldier in Iraq/Afghan.  no questions asked.  rule 2) no eating or drinking your snack unless you are at a table.  rule 3) no closing and locking of doors.  i need to be able to get to you at all times.  rule 4) use your inside voice.  your parents can hear you through the floor and therefore can hear how many times i yell at you.  rule 5) no blood.  self explanatory.  if you get a cut and it bleeds, yes, i know it’s a big deal, but please see another “grown-up” that’s down here.  if it’s really bad, you have my permission to run upstairs and get your parent because i can’t do anything for you.  blood + me = passed out.

so they made their post cards and got a lesson about Jesus then they were off to play.  i could tell they were getting louder by the minute, so the kid in me stepped in.  we’re going to play simon says.  that got groans and yays in a healthy mix.  but my simon says is fun.  🙂  simon says touch your toes, simon says touch your nose, simon says hug your friend, simon says be a pirate.  an adorable little girl won.

then came hide and seek.  more like, i seek every time because they’re quiet and i can take my time finding them.  seriously.  i became the coolest person to them tonight.  then we played questions, where they get to learn about me.  because half the time i think they have no idea who i am or what my name is.  i got the usual: favorite color, favorite song, favorite movie, favorite book, age, do you have a dog?  do you have a boyfriend? are you married?  why don’t you have a boyfriend?  why aren’t you married? what scares you? 

next week, we’re having a talent show.  what should i do for them?  hmmmm.


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