troublemaker…i don’t see it

ever since i was little i’ve been called “trouble.”  it was in my list of nicknames, which includes bugs and sport.  but trouble has stayed.  i see someone my family knows, “hey trouble, what have you been up to?”  or i go to my mom’s school and the teachers who know my life story (thanks ma) see me and go, “oh gosh.  what sort of trouble have you gotten into lately?”

how do i answer that?  because if we look at my track record…it’s squeaky clean.  it’s almost boring.  in elementary school, i escorted the bad kids to the principal.  i hated middle school, so let’s not even go there.  and in high school, half the teachers knew me already by my name because they had my brother and 1 of my sisters.  and the principal of the school knew me from the age of two.  it was practically impossible to get in trouble!  i mean, i could have tried, but it would have had to be serious.  like breaking a few windows or stealing the mascot or doughnuts in the stadium.  my high school was a stickler for having a hall pass.  teachers would call you out on it.  but i never got yelled at for it.  a teacher sent me to go get books from a storage closet without a pass, another teacher saw me and asked what i was doing in the halls, and then the principal goes, “is that stacie?  yeah, she’s fine.  don’t worry about her.”  i got to leave school early cause i was done my work.  i got called to the principal’s office so he could give me a note to give to my dad about doing some work on the house.  SERIOUSLY.  i couldn’t have gotten in trouble if i tried.  so why do i get called trouble?

then the younger one answers this weird thing on facebook with “if stacie were to get detention, what would it be for?”  she answered, “well, where do i begin.”

i’ve never gotten detention thank you.  well, except that one time in middle school because i forgot to bring in a paper that needed to be signed.  cause that really taught me a lesson right there.  not.


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