i mean, really. why?

so first off, let me point out that 270 on any day during rush hour is NEVER a good idea.  i heard on the radio one day while i was at home that 270 was backed up in so many places so it wasn’t a good idea to take that way to get somewhere.  then i thought, “when is 270 during rush hour ever a good idea?  we’re all leaving at the exact same time to get somewhere!”  that leads me to today’s rainy drive home from rockville.  why do people feel the need to tailgate you 1) while you’re driving and 2) while you’re slowing down?  i mean, think about it….riding my butt is not going to get you there faster because it’s not going to make me go faster because, oh right, I CAN’T.  i don’t know, maybe there are a bajillion other cars on the road at the exact same time we are and you want me to go faster because you have somewhere to be?  oh hey d-bag, so do i.  it’s called dinner and the gym.  also, let me point out that this many cars being near me at any second makes me freak out, but really, this dude was like 4 inches from oscar’s bumper (yes, i named my car.  he’s pretty fantastic).  is that necessary?!  i think not fine sir.

next on my list of “really?  why?” is updated dvd versions of classic disney movies. 

Dear Disney (the biggest owner of all and fastest to sue someone after you ruined a book via movie),
What possessed you to bump up the saturation on all of the classic movies such as, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, etc?  Now I feel like I’m a part of an acid trip because of all the bright colors and it makes my head hurt.  Did you really need to make the purple purplier?  Or the greens and yellows so bright I need to squint?  No, not necessary.  Please take it back and give me my muted colors.  I prefer the originals.  Except for Snow White.  You can’t do anything to make me like that movie.  Also, why do you feel the need to add extra songs that were not in the original VHS?  Because really, they suck.  They’re awful.  And I should not have to fast forward through a classic movie while reliving my beloved childhood.  Change it back.
Stacie with an IE


One thought on “i mean, really. why?

  1. Laura says:

    i believe you must be referencing the "human again" song in b&b. this song, contrary to what you say, does not suck. it was meant to be in the original, but had to be cut out for time reasons. it was then included in the broadway version, and is wonderful. it add a whole new little plot about belle teaching the beast to read and make them falling in love more believable and cute. there. my rant on your rant on my most beloved beauty and the beast. ❤

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