The Life of an Intern

today was my first day as an intern.  finally.  it took a while.  because my first day kept getting put off due to the snotomic bomb that dropped it’s load on my house.  anyway, i arrived and was allowed to sit at my boss’ desk because he’s basking in sunny florida, much to everyone else’s unhappiness.  i could care less.  it means i get to watch cnn while working.

yoda took me to get my badge so i could also get my parking permit.  as i was sitting there waiting for my picture to be taken, the security guard told me i had to draw my own portrait.  i created a stick figure drawing to show him my amazing abilities.  then the other security guard told me to guess how many m&ms were in the bag.  i never did find out the result…..

then we were tasked to move my car from the meter parking to the garage for employees.  this is where yoda and i ran into a snag.  i pressed the button like i was supposed to and then it just started beeping at me.  and it kept beeping.  and beeping.  and beeping.  then a car trying to leave couldn’t get out because the bar wouldn’t raise, even when he swiped his badge.  i looked at yoda and went, “crap.  i think i just broke it.”  she laughed.  we got out of the entrance and went to the other entrance for employees.  i broke that side too.  yoda was just laughing away in the passenger seat.  “what did you do on your first day yit?”  she asked.  “broke the parking garage.” i mumbled.  “how many times?” yoda laughed.  “twice,” i grumbled.

then we I wrote a press release!  a real one!  with my name on it!  going to real people!  wooooooo!!!  after that, yoda and i went down to play with the tv producers for the moco gov’t cable channel.  that was a BLAST. 

there shall be lovely updates of the adventures of yit and yoda as interns.


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