go world….in french

while watching the opening ceremonies of the 2010 winter olympic games, the older one of my high schoolers asked what they were saying because it was in french.  this is what i told her:

“they probably said something like, canada is the greatest freaking country, we’re better than america, we’re going to kick butt in the olympics, you think you know what i’m saying, but only the french and canadians know so hahahaha, in your face america”

she laughed.

“and then the translated version would be, “we the people of canada welcome the nations to our fine, cosmopolitan city of vancouver to showcase the greatest athletic talents in the oldest competition of speed, strength, skill and talent. we welcome you all and best of luck. we are the world.”

she told me i was really close to the real thing.  and at that point, i had stopped watching.

good luck america. 
go world.


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