It stopped…..for now

Yes, I know.  We’re all so sick and tired of getting an inch by inch update from WBAL 11 news or WJZ 13.  I missed Regis and Kelly due to their play by play, and my friend missed Ellen.  We were a little upset.  But it has stopped….for now.  The process of throwing out our backs while lifting snow and relocating it to a higher pile has begun.  I found my car yesterday, it was hiding under another foot and a half.  Poor Oscar.  He might just hate me for leaving him out in the cold to be covered in all that fluffy white stuff.  He’s kind of a tempramental car.

I went for a walk around the neighborhood to get out of my house.  Well, I tried to.  I went up the street for a bit then realized I’d have to walk through 1.5 feet of snow.  Then I went down another street…same issue.  So I took to the “main” road and walked for a while.  And by a while I mean until my face froze, I had to pee and was getting a blister.

My boss at my internship told me not to come in because he was having a rough time getting down 270 to work.  He asked how my roads were and I said we’ve got about one lane free.  But it’s more the double yellow lines as a lane.  He goes, maybe we should have you pay more taxes so a plow can actually come to you.  I said, yeah, that probably won’t work.  We’ve got dudes in Carhart and snow blowers and tractors out there working.  We’re a farm town.  He laughed.  And he wasn’t serious about the taxes.

And finally, can I just say that I feel awesome because my own mother reads my blog?  I think it’s cool.  She also tells me when I make mistakes.  This was the conversation earlier:
“Stacie?”(yelling down the hall)
“Yeah?”(yelling back)
“Come here please.”  (more yelling)
“K” (yelling and then walking back to her office) “What?”
“The date is wrong on your snow blog.”
“Really?  Dec. 09…Feb 09..ooops.”
“Yeah, it’s 10 now.”
“Okay.  I’ll go change it.  You’ve been reading my blog?”
“Cool.  Thanks Ma.”
“Get dressed soon so we can go.”
“Okay Ma.”
“You need to be ready by…”
“I know Ma.”  (walking away and grumbling.  I’m an adult woman)

oh hey, there’s my house!

don’t fall off dad.  this is what happens when the weight of snow starts making your rafters bow a little.


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