let it snow, let it snow, let it…okay, that’s enough now

blizzard 1: dec 09
blizzard 2: feb 10
blizzard 3: feb 10

it has been called the snowpocalypse.  or snowmaggedon.  or snOMG.  less than a week after a record snowfall for the area, we get a second noreaster.  in honor of the previous storm’s nicknames, we are now calling this storm (the one that’s going on outside my window right this very moment) snOMFG.

during the christmas season we sing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”  and don’t get me wrong, i’m a HUGE snow fan.  i think it’s beautiful and fun to play in.  but i’m not a huge fan of the shoveling.  if it could just snow without accumlating on the ground, i’d be happy.  but really, what’s another 12 inches on top of 27?  i know of a lot of people who aren’t singing let it snow, they’re singing “let it stop, let it stop, let it stoppppppppppp”


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