maybe it’s because i’m weird

 recently it snowed again.  not a lot, but the meteorologists were drunk once again.  they said my town would get a dusting.  a DUSTING.  yeah, 3.5 inches later, i would like them to rethink their statement.  how do they still get paid every day?  it’s supposed to snow again today, we’ll see how correct they are this time…anyway, back to the point.  i don’t understand why people hate the snow so much.  it’s beautiful!  when it snows, everything is so quiet and peaceful.  white is scattered all over the ground, creating a mystical land that looks entirely different than the bland brown, dead green and bare trees.  the snow adds an effect so magical that people can sit and watch it for hours.  sure, it makes it difficult to drive and cancels some plans.  but you can always reschedule!  we have time to redo things!  winter is curling up by the fire.  winter is drinking peppermint hot chocolate.  winter is cute scarves.  winter is a wonderland, it says so in a song.  winter is sledding.  winter is snowmen.  winter is Christmas time.  winter is snow days.  winter is wonderful.  i really just do not understand the appeal of summer.

summer is humid.  summer is HOT.  summer is mosquitoes.  summer is sunburn.  summer is heavy traffic.  i just don’t see the appeal.    it makes running outside uncomfortable because even in the first 10 minutes the humidity has your t-shirt stuck to your skin and it’s hard to breathe while gnats are going up your nostrils.  summer means waiting til almost dark to go for a run because you’ll die of heat exhaustion otherwise.  i just don’t like it that much.  i’m not a beach person, i’m a mountain person.  and the sun, well, it’s overrated (if you overlook the fact that it gives us life).

 let me be straight forward here.  i dislike, intensely, sunshine.  really.  i do.  but there is a reason for it and most have never heard of it.  i am allergic to the sun, but i don’t die.  here’s the wiki description:PMLE.  basically i have an auto-immune reaction to the sun.  so there.  i hate sunshine.  and i’m allowed to.  i’m pale and i wear SPF 10,000 in order to go outside. 


One thought on “maybe it’s because i’m weird

  1. ~VoixBelle~ says:

    to echo the consensus of others who have read ur blog, it IS funny!!!<3 Tina

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