death of a set of ear buds

a long time ago, when the nano was first introduced unto the world, a young lady by the name of Stacie with an IE purchased one of the very first generation of nanos.  her mother said it was a waste of money and asked what was the point.  little Stacie with an IE proved her mother wrong and carried her nano, to which she gave the name jack, everywhere.  when Stacie with an IE was hurt, that was the second thing she asked for.  a favorite stuffed animal given to her by a beloved sister in the marine corps was the first.
Stacie with an IE loved her ipod and the headphones that came with it.  she broke the first pair of apple headphones at college one day when they fell out of her sweatpants and she stepped on them.  heartbroken, but unwilling to spend the $30 to get a new set, she bought headphones that looked like the apple ones, but was unsatisfied.  she kept buying different pairs because the others never felt right in her ears.  then one day she went to purchase a mac laptop and low and behold, she could get a free itouch that came with a new set of headphones!  happy once again that the headphones fit in her ears perfectly, she tried very hard not to break them, again.  she lasted almost a year before she broke them.  disappointed in herself, but unwilling to spend the money on 4 different pairs of headphones, she spent the $30 to get new apple headphones.
months later, Stacie with an IE was at a 5k in washington dc.  she had her beloved itouch, to which she named touchy, and her headphones.  then she put them in her race bag when she was done.  her mother put Stacie with an IE’s water bottle in the bag too, but didn’t know it was leaking.  Stacie with an IE’s touchy was broken forever.  she went back to her nano jack and was happy she still had him.  then she replaced touchy with a new itouch, to which she named huck.  stacie with an IE had 2 sets of headphones now! in one pair, the left ear stopped working.  so she was down to her last set.  then, two days ago, her beloved headphones broke.  from overuse.

she was saddened by this, but due to the current economic crap, she couldn’t bring herself to spend $30 on apple headphones, even though they are perfect.  she decided to buy bright neon green headphones to tide her over until she can afford/be willing once again to spend $30 on headphone perfection. and so ends the story death of a set of ear buds.
but hey, at least her new ones are fun looking!

also, in recent news, j.d. salinger, the author of my favorite book (aside from peter pan and harry potter) catcher in the rye passed away wednesday.  rest in peace brilliant writer.


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