martin short, skype and a puphew

due to the current lack of employment situation, which i daily try to rectify, i typically enjoy a nice pot of coffee, a bowl of honey nut cheerios and regis and kelly in the morning.  today regis was not on the show, but instead it was martin short and kelly.  now i was never the biggest fan of martin.  he always reminded me of pee wee herman, and he’s just one frightening man.  but today, today marked a new day and a new found appreciation for the man by the last name of short.  this morning, he and kelly started to discuss reality television and since kelly is from new jersey, the show the jersey shore was brought up.  martin short said, “i am so bored by the celebration of ignorance.”  i love him now because i completely agree.  kelly said, “watching crap tv makes me feel a lot better about myself.”  i totally agree too, but i still agree with martin more.  why do we have all of this crap tv?  jersey shore, kardashians (who are they anyway?) the hills, laguna beach, the bachelor (really, who finds their wife on this show other than ryan and trista?), my sweet 16 (those kids need to be slapped in the face and sent to work at wal-mart).  these shows are RIDICULOUS and they make my IQ drop.  “oh my god, did you see her skirt?  daddy better by me that $57,000 dollar bmw instead of a honda because if i get a honda i’m going to be pissed and i’m going to make him take it back and buy me two oversized luxury suvs that guzzle gas and i’ll pay for that gas with his credit card.  and i DEMAND that miley be at my sweet 16 and that i dress like a little hoochiemomma with guys who are in their 20s wearing very little clothing while people fight for invites but i can only pick the pretty people and they better spend at least $100 on my presents.”  really?  REALLY?!  yeah.  ladies and gentlemen, this is television today.  i feel the need to go read the dictionary and the encyclopedia.  go read a book!

then i skyped anja who lives in germany and after 5 minutes of figuring out why we didn’t have sound and making faces at each other, we talked for over an hour.  thank you makers of skype.  you make it easier to keep in contact with people around the world.

my last stop of the day was best friend’s house.  she and her boyfriend got a dog!  his name is ali (like the boxer) because he’s a boxer/mastiff mix.  intimidating at first, but a total creampuff who thinks he’s a lapdog.  i love my puphew/god-dog already.  best friend and i have the best friendship ever.  we’ve known each other since we were 12 and we get each other in every way.  plus, we have massive ADD.  no lie.  we can have 5 convos at once.  her boyfriend just drinks a beer when we start talking because there is no possible way to keep up.  for example:

“you know when you eat something once during the day, like a hamburger, you don’t want it for dinner?”-best friend
“yeah, well, except pancakes.” – me
“i’m not a fan of pancakes.”- best friend
“actually i’m more of a waffle girl.”- me
“it’s the syrup.  i can’t handle the sweet.” – best friend
“usually i just peel it apart.”-me
“what’s this movie that we’re watching about?”-bf
“irish people, gold, a leprechaun.”-me
“abby looks so cute in that picture you showed me earlier.”-bf
“can you make the new years resolutioners at the gym give up already?”-me
“irish people?  what?  i thought you said it was a musical?”-bf
“yeah, she does look cute.  i miss her.”-me
“maybe the gym people are just being more stubborn this year.  when do you see her again?”-bf
“look at ali.  what a creampuff.”-me
“awww.  irish musical time?”-bf

 go have ADD.  go read a book.  and please go listen to aaron sprinkle’s “the boy who stopped the world”


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