i’ve decided…NOOOOOOOO

i started a sentence while in the car, then miley cyrus’ “party in the usa” began, i quickly screamed no and changed the station.

today was a day of normality, but with spirts of hilarity.

after breakfast and coffee and being extremely bored just sitting at home watching it rain, i called the younger one to see if she wanted to go bring starbucks to our mothers at the school at which they teach.  eager to go on a short driving trip with me, she quickly agreed.  i picked her up, we dropped by school to see what our moms wanted, picked up the starbucks and then went back to them.  this is when the miley cyrus song came on.  luckily, i have my own version.  “with my boobs out and my booty shorts on, you can see my danger zone.  flashin my boobs like yeah.  movin my hips like yeah.”  who moves their hips like yeah?!  you don’t, you stupid little tween wanna be hardcore going to end up like britney girl.

then our mothers started rambling about God knows what because they are true best friends.  you wouldn’t understand the things they said, but it made younger one and i look at each other and laugh.  oh, my mother’s obsession with playing farmville to the best of her ability is also hilarious.  then was the run in with other teachers who know my life story and then the cool ones.  OH, a lady also asked if i was willing to babysit.  uh, do you trust me with your children?  i’m a bad influence. and then she asked if i was in high school, to which my mother, in true form, replied, “No.  She’s twenty-two and a half.  Trust me. I was there.  She just looks very young.”

next was back to younger one’s house to play wii mario kart of course.  we decided to play against other people around the world.  we got a lot of europeans, which we were just thrilled about.  then we started playing, and that’s when it got rough.  i kept getting hit by every player, which made me fall off the track.  of course, because i believe in swearing, i wanted to curse up a storm, but i was trying to set a good example for younger one, so instead i yelled SUGAR PLUM FAIRY TALES!  but the little buggers kept making me fall off the track and hit walls.  so i yelled, “BUTTHOLE! DO YOU HAVE THAT WHERE YOU’RE FROM?!” i get a little intense in mario kart.  it’s a big deal.

then there was escape and evade in wal-mart from a teacher whom our mothers know.  then singing in the car obnoxiously.  then picking up older one from swim practice and people watching.  then more mario.  then finally, i came home.  my dad made his commentary on the news then closed his eyes.  a few minutes later, a light breathing noise came from him.  then it turned into full out snoring.  this conversation insued:

“dad”- his eyes pop open “you’re snoring”
“no i’m not.  i’m just resting my eyes”
“you were definitely snoring dad.”
“you’re just imagining things”
“sure dad.  i’m going to start recording you.”
“all you’d hear is silence.”
“whatever you say dad.”

the end. 


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