a couple of lists

here are a few lists of things for whatever reason.  lists such as songs i’ve been listening to, movies, things i’ve noticed, etc.  i’ll keep each list short. let’s begin.

List of Random:
1) i’ve noticed that i drink more coffee than water some days
2) i could care less if abigail spits up all over me, chews on my fingers or sneezes in my face
3) i will volunteer to change an abigail poop diaper just because i get time to make her giggle
4) football has a direct impact on my emotions
5) my parents (since i live with them due to economic crap) are fully aware that if a football game is on, i control the remote on the big tv in the living room.  they have made no move to tell me no.  they now accept the deep love and emotion that is fanaticism.

List of Songs:
1) kill by jimmy eat world
2) edge of desire by john mayer
3) the one i love by greg laswell
4) expiration date by pomplamoose
5) turn it off by paramore

List of Pictures:
1)Abigator Bath Time
2)Autumn Bliss
4)Cop Cop’s point of view
5)Concert Love
i did not mean to go in ABC order…it just happened that way.

List of Favorite Sports Peoples:
1) Chris Cooley
2) Alex Ovechkin
3) Hunter Smith (what punter has 2 TDs?)
4) Matt Leinart (he’s just good looking)

5) Seymon Varlamov


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