the list of 23

it has recently dawned upon me that i will turn 23 this year.  that is insanely frightening.  when i was 10 i wished to be 16 and driving.  then when i was driving, it didn’t seem real.  now i have completed college and am searching for a job in the real world.  when i was younger, it seemed so far away and almost that it would never happen.  now i’m here and it’s unbelieveable.  a part of me loves being an adult and the other part wishes it would stop and i could go back to being 7 and playing in the epic fort my brother would build me out of the couch cushins or playing with my legos.  anyway, i can’t freeze time no matter how hard i try to channel the sorcer’s stone.  so here is my list for this year.  the things i’d like to accomplish.  it’s not a resolution, it’s a list of adventures and things i want to experience.  some i’m already planning on doing…

1) finish a second book (that’s writing, not reading)
2) do a relay marathon with my best friends (in the works)
3) visit philly
4) go on a road trip
5) take pictures with my best friends in a field wearing dresses
6) dress like a farm girl more often because i love it
7) have coffee with a friend once a month
8) buy abigail her first pair of converse
9) hike to the top of a mountain and scream at the top of my lungs
10) take more photoshoots of my friends
11) create more art on a weekly basis
12) find a secret spot to read a book
13) go horseback riding
14) go to a pick your own place this year
15) have more snowball time with shae on a hot summer night
16) drive to the middle of nowhere and look at the stars and the planets; included is seeing a meteor shower
17) read 4 classic novels
18) leave a few secrets in postsecret books in book stores
19) go to the maryland science center
20) find a random place and take pictures
21) run a 5k with my sister
22) go fishing more often
23) try a different exercise instead of running like swimming or yoga

have a good day.  make a list of your own.  šŸ™‚


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