i’m such a bad chaperon

today i was supposed to pick up the kids from school and then do whatever.  the younger one forgot to tell me that school was a half day, so she texted me and i didn’t get it til after 9.  therefore i had to call my old high school and tell them to give the kids a note saying i’d be there at noon.  i picked them up and took them to lunch.  we made fun of this set of twins and threw french fries in each other’s drinks, then went to the grocery store and then went to visit our moms at school.  their mom wasn’t there, but mine was, so we visited her.  her immediate reaction was a roll of the eyes and an “oh crap.”  gee thanks ma.  love you too.  we played, got visited by other teachers that apparently know us because our mothers talk about us so when they quote me my life story, i get a little uncomfortable.  we played basketball and then left to go back to the kids’ house.  the older one had swim, so she needed to change.  this is where the bad chaperon other than the french fry thing occurred.  i challenged the boy to a game.  we would stick our arms out of the window in 30 something degrees and drive around.  the first person to bring their arm inside lost.  we drove around the neighborhood, going up and down streets and around circles trying to beat each other while our arms were losing feeling, going numb, but still tingling with intense pain.  yes, we are geniuses.  he won.  it started to hurt so bad that i couldn’t handle it.  the end.

have a good day.  go stick your arm out the window like an idiot and challenge yourself.


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