oh really, you think that highly of yourself?

today i was having an early dinner/snack/thing with a great friend after my little adventure called an interview in DC.  we were having fun catching up and then i asked her how brother and sister-in-law A were doing with the little bundle of joy.  then we moved on to brother and sister-in-law B…

B, apparently, are horribly self-centered people who use others to get what they want and only care about themselves.  They sound just faboulous.  No lie, the wife in B was jealous that the wife in A was pregnant before her.  Wifey B complained that Husband A always got everything first and is so spoiled and blah blah blah, cry me a gosh darn river because the world is just so unfair.  Wifey B wanted to be the one to give the family the first grandchild.  Maybe I should point out that B has been married since August of 09, whereas A were married in 2006.  And B was jealous that A was having a kid before her….let’s just think about this for a second.  How long have A been married?  3ish years.  How long have B? A few months.  Welp, guess you lost that one B.

Husband A constantly has to put Husband B (they’re brothers) in his place because he mistreats his own dang sister.  That’s just wrong.  And sad.  Wife B constantly backstabs, talks behind people’s back while sucking up to them while she’s in their presence (aka Wife A/the mother of a very pretty baby girl).

The family doesn’t even like Wife B.  Who would?  But, they are married, so they have to “be one” and love each other and bladdy blah blah. 

But the best part about having Wife B married to Husband B?  It makes a great drinking game for the family and a large betting pool of when the divorce will happen.  God Bless America.


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