radio djs, sometimes i feel sorry for them

i’ve recently begun to listen to the radio again, and due to this, i’m losing brain cells.  the radio is dominated by people like jay sean (though i do have his song), taylor swift, lady gaga (i totally believe her career and/or life will end tragically for some reason), beyonce (annoyed to no end), britney spears (if i hear 3 one more time, so help me God) and other hip-hip/r&b/dance artists with weird names and random additions of the letter z or qu.  as i was driving to a friend’s house to pick something up, the dj on the top 40 station i was listening to said, “here’s a song by an angry chick with a guitar that for once is not taylor swift.”  she then played orianthi’s “according to you” song. 

that got me thinking…do radio djs actually like the songs that they’re playing over and over and over again?  because if it were me, i’d be going crazy.  i can only listen to “i got a feeling” so many times before i want to cry.  ke$ha, though her song tik tok is addicting, but still incredibly vain and idiotic, makes my ears bleed.  who gave that girl a record deal?!  i would like to request a meeting with said person.  she does not sing, she whines.  beyonce needs to go away for a while. as does kanye, the jonas brothers, miley cyrus, and all of the other top 40 people that don’t shut up.  i mean, if you play it over and over and over and then people request it over and over and over, wouldn’t you want to scream?  i would.  there are only a few songs i can do that with.  i get sick of artists even in my own itunes!

so come on top 40 people and stations that play the same songs, go away for a while and let someone else have a chance at making it big and destorying my brain cells.

oh, by the way, i’m a music snob.  but i do have guilty pleasure songs and artists, like taylor swift.  and i’m never too old to dance it out to some spice girls or nsync because that was my childhood.


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