where i’m from…it makes you question things

today i was driving the rather short drive to the gym that’s over the river and through the woods, literally.  i got stuck behind the local elementary school bus (i’m not that small of a town/county.  contrary to what people think, there are 7 high schools in my county compared to 1 or 2 on the eastern shore).  as i was waiting for the 5th time for this huge monstrasity in the ugliest yellow to drop off another whiney, sticky hand, cry baby to its over-bearing, over-protecting, my child is special and a genius and can do no wrong parent, i was stunned, but only for a moment.  there, at the end of the driveway was not a mother waiting in her hybrid SUV chatting away on her blackberry, but this kid’s older sibling.  on a 4-wheeler.  with a helmet.  waiting.  the little girl got off the bus, hopped on the 4-wheeler and got driven home by her brother like it wasn’t a big deal.

i was a little shocked, though i shouldn’t be.  because my own brother picked me up from the bus stop one time like that.  but it wasn’t a 4-wheeler.  it was a tractor.

have a good day.  go be country.  but make sure you brush and floss.  we can’t live up to every stereotype.


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