there should always be more copies…and starbucks girltalk

while looking at my netflix queue to see what’s coming once i finally mail back the 2 movies i’ve had for almost 2 weeks now….

me: why is there a long wait for space jam?!  what the heck?!

friend that’s like my little sister: they probably have like 2 copies

me: well that’s just unacceptable

friend that’s like my little sister: sorry

me: you should be.  this is like freaking childhood here.

yesterday i took my 2 high schoolers (i do NOT have children.  they are my mother’s coworker’s children…15 and 16) to starbucks for much needed girl talk.  because they are so close in age, they look up to me as their big sister.  we talked about their boy problems and then my boy problems.  i see aspects of myself in each of them, so they’re very easy to talk to and laugh with.  at one point i was explaining a metaphor to the older one, which i had said to the younger one before as well.  i told them that first loves/the first person you ever have feelings for like that will leave a mark on you like how voldemort left a mark on harry potter, but without the murderous intentions.  because voldy is still alive, our heroic HP’s scar still burns and tingles.  but when voldy is dead, our heroic HP’s scar stops hurting forever.  now this doesn’t mean go kill the person who broke your heart, it means that since you still care about the person and they are in your life, your scar will hurt.  but some day it will stop hurting.  see, awesome anaology.  the older one got it.  the younger one, who was mentioned before with the space jam discussion did not.  and as the younger one got up to throw our starbucks trash away, the older one and i made the gesture of it going over her head.  hand flying over head.  the younger one walks back and says, no lie, “whoa!  i want to do the whoosh exercises too!”

have a good day.  do a whoosh exercise.


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