ready! set! LAUNCH!

last night i willingly went with fischybachy to go babysit a 5 year old and a 10 month old.  yes, i know, what is happening to me.  i’ll look into it.  anyway, as soon as we got there and fischybachy held the little 10 month old girl, the baby immediately reached for me…i was like, uh, okay?  that was the beginning of the best night of childhood relapse.

while the baby girl crawled all over me and through my leg tunnel, the 5 year old boy played bowling, which then turned into slide bowling, then ninja bowling.  i gave him points for style, number of pins knocked down and then how many times it took him to knock all the pins over.  it was highly entertaining.  then we needed to play something quieter, so we launched his HotWheels cars off a ramp to see how far we could get them.  he’s a better launcher than i am.

the end of the night consisted of playing farm and running up and down the steps, in and out of his room while he froze and unfroze fischybachy and i while he was the fearless leader and defeated the bad guys.  awesomeness right there.

then football.  go colts.  then movie time.  then precious sleep.  then coffee and gilmore girls with fischybachy.  BHIML.


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