i think the cosmos just flipped

don’t get used to this double posting in one day thing, but this needs to be said.

my father, the man i admire the most, does not enjoy football.  he does not watch it on tv except when i am because during football i control the world.  he hates it.  he’s said it out loud, but i am his daughter, so he puts up with it.  my dad is a hunter.  he’s an outdoorsman.  he shoots deer, catches fish, rescues random wild animals (i’ve had a wild pidgeon and rabbit and turtles).  despite his dislike for watching pro sports because they get paid obscene amounts of money for a child’s game (his and my brother’s words, though my brother’s has a lot more swear words), he watched part of the colts vs. ravens game last night.  and get this, i wasn’t even home.

2 minutes ago my father said to me, “i watched part of the ravens game last night and i didn’t understand how the guy got a touchdown when he’s feet weren’t in the touchdown zone (forgive him) but he extended the ball over the line.”

me after i answered his question: “but seriously?  you watched part of the game?  i mean, i was watching it too.”

dad: “yeah, i turned it on.  then i saw how bad the ravens were getting beat and decided it wasn’t worth it.”

i love my dad.  my mom will watch football with me too, once again, i control the world during football, but she’ll ask questions and is more willing to watch it.


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