old people + technology = headache for their offspring

my parents, God bless them, are technology challenged.  and i am fully aware that they grew up in what i would deem the dinosaur age, but that just sounds mean.  they were born/raised in the time before cassetts (if you can even remember those) and cordless phones.  so when CDs, cordless phones, cell phones, lap tops and personal computers in every room for every child, mp3/4s and ipods were invented, they had to catch up.  and who better to ask than their offspring?

please don’t misunderstand me, i’m all for assisting the less fortunate when it comes to technology, but after the 4th time of me explaining, i get a little annoyed.  my mom, again, bless her, takes notes.  i am a visual learner and therefore i can’t explain to you how to burn a CD unless i’m the one doing it.  and apparently i go too fast.  one, i go fast because i know it and two, she’s learning.  i get that.  i get frustrated, but that’s my nature.  however, when my parents come visit me at school for an award ceremony and my mom brings a note pad to ask me to explain to her, once again, how to burn a CD, i have to laugh.

this conversation happened around dinner tonight:
“how do i make what your sister wrote my facebook status too?”-mom
“copy and paste it into the status area”-me
“what’s the status area? and how do i copy and paste it in there?”-mom
“you know how i showed you how to right click and press copy after you’ve highlighted what you want?”-me
“do that and put it in the ‘what am i thinking’ box.”-me
“oh, okay.”-mom
“so with my ipod, can i make seperate lists for it or do i have to make one?”-dad
“you can make multiple playlists and put them on there.”-me
“and do i have to put the whole cd on the computer, or can i just put the songs i like?”-dad
“you have to put the whole cd in the itunes thing and then delete the songs you don’t want after they’re on there”-mom
“ma, shush cause that’s not right.  don’t listen to her dad.  when you put the cd in your computer and go to ‘import’ it, you can select which songs you want to import.”-me and he nods.
“really? i thought you had to put the whole cd on there.”-mom
“no mom, i did that because you wanted the whole cd.  remember, i’m the genius at this.  we’ll go over it one day.  we’ll have a training session.  and you can take notes.”-me with a big, cheesy grin.  dad smirks and mom looks like she wants to slap me.

oh the technologically challenged.


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