The Love for a Sponge

This story is about the wonderful, fascinating and ever so practical, sponge wand.  I feel like this is a da dada dahhhhhh with a glowing light framing the sponge wand moment.  I had one at college as did the majority of my friends with kitchens.  It’s just so practical.  You fill up the soap resivoir, you clean, rinse and squeeze out the sponge.  Sounds like a regular sponge right?  WRONG.  You don’t get your hands messy, you have a constant supply of soap and, to me, it just looks cleaner.

Because of the love for this sponge, I decided to give it as a gift to my best friend.  She and her boyfriend recently bought a house together and are trying to become more domestic.  Her birthday was the other day and I, no joke, stopped at my local Wal-Mart and picked up the sponge wand with a few refills.  I also got her a CD, so don’t accuse me of being cheap.  I handed her the gift so beautifully wrapped in its Wal-Mart bag and she opened it.  The firs thing she saw was the sponge wand and her eyes lit right up.  Instead of taking out the CD, she walks over to the sink with the sponge wand and proceeds to fill the soap tube up.  This was her favorite gift.  No joke.

Due to the love, I bought one for my mom.  She wasn’t as excited as my best friend, but she hasn’t truly had the chance to appreciate its wonder.  Then I told my Best German Friend about the sponge wand.  She’s never seen anything like it.  I told her that I would send her one with the next Maryland care package.  She was so excited.  I couldn’t really hear the excitement because, alas, we were on Facebook Chat.  But even a sponge wand virgin is excited about her gift.

The End.

love. 🙂


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