i got a feeling….

2009 was a solid, quality year.  in cliched words, it had its ups and downs, tears and laughter, innocent and mischivous moments.  here’s a list of milestones from the past 365 days.  there were a lot of small things that made this one of the best years i’ve lived through, but it would take way too many bullets to list them all.  ps-i included things from the beginning of senior year too…but that’s just a minor technicality.

1) scotland
2) silly stringing the cru video team
3) finals forts
4) the loblolly list
5) skinny dipping
6) abigail’s birth
7) ireland
8) visiting seattle washington and falling in love
9) completing my first 1/2 marathon
10) buying a volvo s40  named oscar
11) graduating college
12) writing and finishing a book
13) spending a lot of time with my parents
14) riding a motorcycle
15) realizing that quitting doesn’t mean failing if quitting is necessary for survival
16) finally getting rid of the excess drama in my life by the name of a boyfriend
17) loblollies
18) spending 2 hours at lunch or dinner with my best friends
19) halloween outfits
20) any other minute detail that would require an explanation

song: the wind by cat stevens


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