The Celebration of Immaculate Conception

I spent this Christmas Eve and day at my sister and brother-in-law’s new house with my whole family.  Miss Abigator was all smiles all day and very close to laughing out loud.  We all made dinner and sat down at the table, prayed and started to eat.  My sister then starts to talk about our dessert, which is called “Better Than Sex Cake.” My brother being my brother says that he’ll stick with the sex because he hates dessert anyway.  I shake my head at our dinner conversation, to which my sister goes, “well, Christmas is a celebration of Immaculate Conception.  Sex is an okay topic because without it, we wouldn’t be here.”  Touche sister, touche.  But then we started talking about pooping and farts, I don’t think that is fitting, but that’s my family.  Well, maybe just my brother being the instigator.  One year I’d like to see us have a normal conversation because to the outside world we look normal.  The rest of the evening was spent sipping champagne to celebrate the past month and a half, which has had it’s ups and downs and whirlwind adventure.  It also consisted of my sister, Mom and I playing Farmville (thanks a lot sister face for that addiction) and my brother and brother-in-law critiquing our farms as my dad started snoozing on the couch.  Oh family.

The next morning, ie Christmas Day, wasn’t like when we were kids, but it was an early morning.  My brother snored so loud the night before that I swore he was going to bring the walls in.  IT ECHOED.  I’ve never heard snoring ECHO.  Kaos the dog had slept with me for a little while and then moved back to Mom and Dad.  We made breakfast, had a normal morning conversation and then started the present opening.  My brother got socks and underwear from Santa and this, as a 29 year old man, is his favorite gift.  He says he feels like a new man every time he puts on fresh socks and underwear.  Since we didn’t have our stockings at my sister’s house, Santa put our things in gift bags.  I opened mine and found that I got a new toothbrush.  I was so happy because that meant I didn’t have to go out and buy one.  My brother-in-law then goes, “who would have thought as an 8 year old who hated getting socks and underwear that they would grow up to be ecstatic about getting them and toothbrushes.”  Well said brother-in-law, well said.

Merry Christmas.


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