risky risky

today i went on my first ever MOTORCYCLE ride!  my best friend’s boyfriend has a bike and was doing a little work on it so he could put it in their shed for the winter.  he was driving it around this cemetary (yes, really) and i turned to my best friend and went, “would he take me for a quick ride? i’ve never been on a bike.” she smiled widely and we ran in and got her helmet and smushed it on my head.  they taught me how to get on the back of the bike and then mike drove me around the cemetary a few times.  it was awesome, though i don’t think i’d ever ride a bike on the highway.

then we ran inside and watched Spice World.  seriously.  we did.  and it was hilariously awesome because we could quote it.  when the movie was almost done we started decorating our gingerbread village.  now, we don’t take this lightly.  we’ve done gingerbread houses since we were in middle school and now we’re in our early 20s.  there’s intense planning that happens.  we spent a half hour in the candy aisle at Martin’s trying to pick out what we wanted.  this was the first year we had a village too, so we got to do some more designs.  after close to 2 hours of icing and sticking and cutting and laughing and focusing and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we were done.

pictures to come…


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