i am a changed woman

a few months ago you wouldn’t see me hold a baby for more than 30 minutes. then my niece was born and life as i knew it had changed. in the beginning i would hold her and maybe feed her, but that was it. i didn’t know how to calm her down. today, that has changed. abigator (one of her many nicknames) has slobbered, spit-up, snotted, and cried on my clothes, she has chewed on my fingers, she has sneezed on my face and she has cried for 40 minutes in my arms. normally, i would hand that baby back and say, um, no. but not now. she stayed with us for a few days as my sister and her husband moved into their new house and set up abby cadabby’s room (and another). i baby-sit now. i know how to make her bottle, i change her, i play with her (her smile is so cute) and i listen to her cry. the best part, aside from her smiling at me, is when she finally falls asleep on my chest and snuggles in close. yep. i am a changed woman. still doesn’t mean i want a kid. i just want to be an aunt for now.

song: all-american rejects: i wanna, war of my life and edge of desire by john mayer


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