Forgive me, for I have been lazy

Yes yes, I know. I had this whole thing about how I was actually going to update this blog thingy and talk about my average life and the musings of adult hood, but alas, I WORK. And I didn’t have real internet. So to get you up to speed, please review the following list:

1) I am now training, once again because I’m stupid, for more races.
2) I am more excited about dressing up like an idiot for my 5k than the girls I’m doing it with
3) The ABC Family 25 Days to Christmas countdown started and I’m STOKED
4) Family dinners should be required in every household because they produce laughter. And fantastic awkward silences.
5) I still heart John Mayer and Jeff noticed while we were in my Volvo
6) Oh, I bought a Volvo. His name is Oscar.
7) One day when I was still at my other job I got really frustrated and stomped my foot because as I was walking to go to another building, I saw a front row parking spot and I didn’t have my keys.
8) Abigator’s pout is seriously the cutest thing in the world
9) I now possess the coolest knitted hat known to mankind
10) It’s been raining a lot and I enjoy it since it reminds me of Seattle.
11) Starbucks RED cups mean it’s officially the holidays

The End.


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